Ways Auto Insurers Use Police Reports For Claims

You would be surprised how much your auto insurance company is going to fight for you in cases of claims. Actually fighting on behalf of you is also same as working for themselves because they are the ones who is going to pay at the end. This will manifest itself when you have a claim and it involves other drivers and insurers.

One key part of settling claims is to determine who is at fault in an accident. This is hugely important because it leads to determination of who is going to pay for it all. If you are at fault you insurer will have to pay for the damages to third parties up to the limit of your policy. And if a third party driver is at fault, your carrier can relax as a third party company is expected to pay for the losses.

General norm in claims settling these days is that small claims are paid pretty quickly. They are not worth the time companies may have to spend or pay for adjusters to deal with it. It costs money to deal with a claim. There are paperwork and somebody has to go and check the damages physically. Therefore, they may agree to send the check quickly if you can provide two reliable estimates for the repair of small damages.

claims adjustersFor a little large claim, some companies choose to send their own people to handle it. This will help the policyholder in dealing with the repairs and result in quick conclusion of payments. However, some companies may go too far in trying to save money and purely rely on police reports to determine the outcome. This may be problematic in several ways as police reports are not necessarily written to help carriers.

Some people may see these reports as absolute final word on the matters. This proved not to be the case in many occasions. When the companies carry out their own investigations they can shed a different light into the incident. If the other parties’ insurers are working hard to disprove that their client is not at fault you would want the same from your provider. When there is a total disagreement they may agree to place more weight on the report prepared by authorities.

They are great in providing the essential information about the incident location, time, parties involved, injuries suffered and people who are taken to hospital. Another thing police can do when they are on the scene is to determine if either parties broke the traffic rules that caused the accident. When they find that one of the drivers ignored the traffic laws this would be quite detrimental for that driver’s case.

Of course, police will have to try and find a hit and run driver and deal with other issues that may arise after the accident like drivers getting into fight. The way they look at accidents and the things they have to do is different form helping auto insurers in a way. Therefore, you may want your provider to appoint a claims adjuster the moment they know about the incident especially when the damages and injuries are serious.