Getting a Job in the Insurance Industry

Are you looking to get into the insurance industry? There are various positions like agent, adjuster, underwriter and they are quite challenging posts. Also there are fair bit of competition especially in post with small companies. Do you have your license ready and looking to put in use?

Some companies may be willing to help you in the process of getting your license. But quite a few of them would want to see it in place before they can consider your application. Therefore, it may be a better idea to concentrate on getting it first to increase your reach.

Finding a new job is as hard work as working full time. So, you should know where to look and how to contact employers. You may need to speed up the process and spread your CV to as many positions as you can reach. Trying to get one or two open positions may be to risky and you may miss on those opportunities for many reasons out of your control.

insurance positions

You may start with visiting the firms near you and drop into the office. Showing your face can be beneficial in some cases. You should leave your details in case a position may be open at a later stage or last minute. You should make it clear what you are prepared or not. For example, are you going to accept a lesser or less paid job to get on the ladder or hold out until you find your perfect post? Depending on your experience and skills a junior position may be acceptable and it may not actually take long before you progress.

You can also ask people who inspired you to seek a career in this field or you meet during your education. They might know companies looking for new employees. They can also point you in the right direction, tell you where to look and how to check.

Next step is to contact recruitment agencies specialized for the industry. They can look at your details and offer you to possible recruiters. Good thing about the way they operate is that you can submit one CV and it will be presented to anyone who is looking for new staff. Also, you can check their websites and find positions to present your application. They work just like search engines and you can find the position you are looking for by entering a keyword.

You can also search directly in the engines for any openings by entering the relevant terms like “agency vacancies” or “underwriter”. There are a few sites that allow you search for jobs like and They will return a few positions to consider and apply. ¬†Another alternative is to check Career Center in your local council. They may have jobs advertised on their boards.

It is an idea to look for alternative jobs in the meantime to earn a living. If you get your foot through the door it may be easier to transfer at a later stage. For example, companies may not have a sales position at the moment but they may have a position in the accounting department. If you feel comfortable with it you may want to take it and keep looking for other openings.