Car Insurance Quotes with Disabilities

When you have no adverse driving history, traffic tickets or disability it is easy to get low vehicle insurance rates. Companies love low risk motorists and they reward them with great prices. When you have it all you should throw it away by staying a long time with an expensive carrier. Many people would love to be in your position and save money.

When you fall outside this typically good drivers category you may need to look around a bit longer to get affordable coverage. You may fall into various categories depending on why you are considered outside the normal criteria. This could be because of several claims traffic tickets, age or physical incapacity.

Many motorists carry on driving even though they have some disabilities or medical problems. Actually, millions of people with bad eye sight can still drive with glasses. People with hearing problems can use hearing aid to get on with their lives and driving. Even blind people can get auto insurance coverage but not for themselves behind the steering wheel. They can get coverage for others to drive their cars for them.

insuring disabled driversThese problems can be even more serious with people using modified cars due to loss of leg or arm. This is not an unusual thing these days. People on wheelchairs can continue driving with highly modified automobiles. And they manage to get insured.

There are some legal protections for physically challenged motorists. For example, It is illegal to refuse coverage in California on the bases of disability. Companies cannot cancel a policy after the event or cannot refuse to insure a disabled person. There are similar laws in place in most states to prevent mistreatment of applicants due to their race, disability or background.

Nonetheless, companies are allowed to consider the risks when they are setting their premiums. If a company finds that certain drivers with physical problems are getting involved in accidents more than usual, they are allowed to charge more for this group. Unfortunately, running an auto insurance company is a business and they have to think like one. Wherever the risks are higher they would naturally demand more money in return.

It is up to the state insurance commissioner to make sure companies follow the laws. They also monitor customer complaints and can require a company to modify their policies to bring them in line with the state and federal laws. Again, they cannot stop companies from assessing the risk properly and considering all the data available to them.  This would mean the physical condition of the driver will be taken into account when premiums are calculated.

One thing worth remembering here is that every company would act differently for different conditions. When a company isn’t actively seeking new customers they may be choosy in the way who they offer their best prices. Those companies may not be the best option for you. On the other hand, some companies are more human in the sense that they understand people with less than perfect conditions.

It would be a good idea to talk to people who know, threat your condition or other drivers with similar problems. They may know companies or brokers that specialize in arranging coverage for less advantaged motorists.