Car Insurance Rates after an Auto Accident

Accidents are dreaded for the possibility of substantial damages and injuries. However you may be careful there is no accident proof motorist. Millions of small and large accidents happen every year across the United States of America. A few thousands of them may never be reported to insurers as the owners settle the damages out of the pocket.

When people first start driving they get one of the highest vehicle insurance charges. They have no history or experience and therefore they are not trusted enough to stay safe on the roads. As the time passes they can prove to be cautious drivers by not causing any incidents and getting any traffic violation tickets. Also their age progress and they gain on the road experience.

Then, they start getting various discounts for experience, being older and more mature and having no claim bonuses. As long as they stay accident free their rates can keep down going for about five years. At that stage they probably receive cheap auto insurance premiums due to maximum discounts and therefore the rate drop due to good driving records may slow or stop.

AccidentWhen they have at fault accident and they or third parties make a claim on the policy their rates will be reconsidered at the next renewal. A few things will determine what happens to their rates. If it is a small incident and they have a long and clean history they may be able to escape without any rate increase.

When they are involved in crashes that they are at least 51% responsible they will first of all lose no claim discounts if they have any. Then they may face a surcharge if they are considered high risk. A driver who has been found negligent and received accident related moving violation tickets can see considerable rise in their premiums.

The real problems start when the accident counts increases and they have traffic moving violation tickets and point deductions on their licence. So much so that some companies may withhold from offering any renewal terms. Generally, companies are not allowed to cancel a policy in the middle of the coverage period unless they have sufficient grounds to do so. Driving under influence may be one of those cases in which policy is cancelled immediately by some insurers.

Generally, at fault accidents affect car insurance rates for at least three years. It may be that you lose all your good driver savings and start all over again. However keeping a clean record for the next year will put you back on the discount trail. Staying accident free for about five years would qualify you for accident forgiveness with most companies. This may be a chance to buy coverage if you are worried about causing another incident and losing your low rates.

Auto insurance premium increases and savings because of no claims vary considerably depending on the companies. You should keep checking for the best deals at each renewal time. This is a good way of making sure that your insurer stays competitive. Otherwise you may stay with an expensive insurer for a long time paying over the odds premiums.

Car Insurance Quotes with Disabilities

When you have no adverse driving history, traffic tickets or disability it is easy to get low vehicle insurance rates. Companies love low risk motorists and they reward them with great prices. When you have it all you should throw it away by staying a long time with an expensive carrier. Many people would love to be in your position and save money.

When you fall outside this typically good drivers category you may need to look around a bit longer to get affordable coverage. You may fall into various categories depending on why you are considered outside the normal criteria. This could be because of several claims traffic tickets, age or physical incapacity.

Many motorists carry on driving even though they have some disabilities or medical problems. Actually, millions of people with bad eye sight can still drive with glasses. People with hearing problems can use hearing aid to get on with their lives and driving. Even blind people can get auto insurance coverage but not for themselves behind the steering wheel. They can get coverage for others to drive their cars for them.

insuring disabled driversThese problems can be even more serious with people using modified cars due to loss of leg or arm. This is not an unusual thing these days. People on wheelchairs can continue driving with highly modified automobiles. And they manage to get insured.

There are some legal protections for physically challenged motorists. For example, It is illegal to refuse coverage in California on the bases of disability. Companies cannot cancel a policy after the event or cannot refuse to insure a disabled person. There are similar laws in place in most states to prevent mistreatment of applicants due to their race, disability or background.

Nonetheless, companies are allowed to consider the risks when they are setting their premiums. If a company finds that certain drivers with physical problems are getting involved in accidents more than usual, they are allowed to charge more for this group. Unfortunately, running an auto insurance company is a business and they have to think like one. Wherever the risks are higher they would naturally demand more money in return.

It is up to the state insurance commissioner to make sure companies follow the laws. They also monitor customer complaints and can require a company to modify their policies to bring them in line with the state and federal laws. Again, they cannot stop companies from assessing the risk properly and considering all the data available to them.  This would mean the physical condition of the driver will be taken into account when premiums are calculated.

One thing worth remembering here is that every company would act differently for different conditions. When a company isn’t actively seeking new customers they may be choosy in the way who they offer their best prices. Those companies may not be the best option for you. On the other hand, some companies are more human in the sense that they understand people with less than perfect conditions.

It would be a good idea to talk to people who know, threat your condition or other drivers with similar problems. They may know companies or brokers that specialize in arranging coverage for less advantaged motorists.

How Do Auto Insurance Comparison Sites Deal with Privacy?

Comparison websites are finding a solid place in the market for themselves. Every day you see another one is starting and they are turning into big businesses. The most famous ones of them are the flight, hotel and holiday booking sites. You can probably count auto insurance comparison sites in the list as well. There are quite a few of them to count here including the ones compare colleges.

It is certainly a smart idea to use them whenever you are trying to find good and reasonably priced services and products. They can really save you time and money. They are revolutionizing the way people do their shopping. And every day they are making it easier to use their services with new programs and technology. Quite a few of them automatically knows where you are in the world and start delivering the products that may interest you.

However, there could be some problems with too smart technology. They may be collecting information about you without your knowledge. They would record your computers IP address and sometimes install cookies in your browser to recognize you for the next time. If you are concerned about these issues you can start with checking the privacy policy of the site you intend to use.

Other alternatives are to set your browser in a way that prevent cookies and phishing. This is easy to do so but sometimes, websites may not work properly because of disabled cookies on your computer. Most browsers are easy to modify the way you want. This depends on how concerned are you with software that identifies your zip code and IP address.

vehicle insurance comparisonMoreover, some sites require you to fill in their quote form. In that case, you will be providing a lot more information about yourself, other drivers and your automobiles, including your home and work address, VIN and driver licence details. If this is the case you want to make sure two things.

First of all you should check how they will use your information and if they would sell your telephone number and e-mail address to third parties. This could be a real problem with unsolicited e-mails and mails. You would be confused what is real information and fed up with all the sales e-mails quickly.

Secondly you want to check how secure the site is. Generally there are companies that protect websites and make sure nobody else can get your details. One of these programs is VeriSign and the website using it should display this fact with an emblem and their license number. This helps visitors identify safer sites. You should always use common sense and if you are in doubt you should move on and find more reliable website.

Besides, there are many websites that will allow you to compare alternative providers without requiring your personal details. They usually only display the items and get some referral fees from companies they redirect visitors. You can see all the prices and likely coverage offers in one place. and you would be going to the official auto insurance company website to get your quotes. These sites may be better option for you if you are worried about your information.

Should You Buy Insurance from Car Dealerships

When you need a new automobile you will go to a dealer to choose one. You will listen to his/her advice carefully, and maybe ask questions further. They know about cars, their value and they have a few in store to look at. They can also price your old auto and take it in as a part exchange. Overall, you can go with an vehicle and return home with a new one.

Some dealers will have facilities to sell you auto insurance as well. Some can arrange a starter coverage that will enable you to take it home. These covers are temporary and you need to arrange a proper one shortly. Alternatively, you could buy coverage from the dealership and be done with it. This is their sales pitch anyway and you shouldn’t fall for it.

where to buy auto insuranceYou should fall for the first policy offered to you. There are many companies and you should get a few quotes and compare them with each other. You can either do this online by yourself or get a broker to do it for you. They will definitely do a good job compared to dealer. Many people don’t want to buy cars from them and it would be odd if you want to buy insurance as well from your car salesman.

An independent broker would first take all the necessary information from you. This makes sure that he/she is looking for coverage based on your requirements. This can change the type of coverage and premium a lot. Understanding what you need is an essential part of arranging coverage.

Then, they would go to market to buy auto insurance for you. They would ask quotations from many companies they work with leaving no stone unturned before they lay their findings in front of you. At least this is how a professional broker works and this is what you would expect from yours. Is this any of the things that would be done by your dealer? Hopefully, it is clear why you would have so many advantages with going with a professional intermediary and problems with any other source.

Auto salesmen can arrange you a loan as well as insurance. When they arrange loan they may be keener to arrange insurance as well. The selling point would be that your loan cannot be arranged unless there is a proper policy insuring the underlying asset, the vehicle. That is why they would be able to sell loans quicker if they can sell insurance as well.

When you get an auto loan you will need to arrange GAP insurance as well. The moment you take it out of the dealership, your auto can lose large chunk of its value. But the insurer would only pay you its market value in the second hand market even you bought it only days ago. Gap insurance pays the difference in between the outstanding debt and the market value of the automobile.

These all can be arranged better if you allow a little time for yourself. Many people get keen to take the car home and rush on buying policies and even getting loans. As a result they pay more than what they should.

Comparison Sites Help Drivers Save Time & Money

We already start thinking our lives in two periods; before the internet and after. We believe we were living a primitive lives before we could get on the world wide web and start surfing. The way information is spread around the world and how we receive e-mails in seconds are some of the magical powers given to us with our laptops.

Another task we love to do online is shopping. We can browse through so many shops and see plenty choices and we don’t have splinters on our feet. We can talk to a total stranger, check their store or item, negotiate a price or win it in the auction. Next thing you know you are sending them money electronically and they are posting the item you want. How great is that?

We can see the same useful features utilized by car insurance shoppers. Those days of finding companies or brokers on the yellow page, calling them to arrange an appointment and driving to see them are well over. If you haven’t yet discovered an easier way of getting quotations you should perhaps give it a try when your policy is due for renewal.

compare auto insuranceAnyone can go online at any time of the day or night and start getting several quotations. You are required to fill in a few details about yourself, other drivers insured and your automobiles to be included in the policy. Almost instantly you are presented with a quote. You can continue this process several time to get enough information for a proper comparison. The whole process is very easy and quick and you save a lot of time.

Comparing products and services with each other is a good way of seeing the differences. And this allows you to judge if a particular product is a good buy. In case of vehicle insurance, you can use the new quotes to see if your current provider is offering you a good deal. This would be a lot healthier choice for your wallet than going ahead and keep renewing year after year.

Of course you still have the option to go down the high street and talk to your broker. Nonetheless, he would have probably preferred if you e-mailed him. Those agents are using online quote forms as well these days. This makes it easier for them to deal with the inquiries. They don’t have to wait on the phone to take your information and they can get back to you whenever convenient.

Imagine how much time and money companies are saving when their customers fill the forms online, get their quotations and buy their policies. Hardly any human interactions and that is the reason many people in the industry still losing their jobs. Unfortunately, that is the down side of the technology.

Another thing commonly accepted these days is that getting your quotes online is cheaper. Many auto insurers openly tell their customers that it is cheaper to buy online rather than going through agents and brokers or calling the company directly. Cost savings they achieve return as premium savings for the policyholders.

Getting Full Auto Insurance Coverage

As long as you have the financial means it is no brainer to get your automobile insured properly. When you are struggling to meet your budget requirements you are likely to go for the minimum coverage required to drive legally. This would be also acceptable when you own a clunker and saving money for your next automobile.

When you invest fair bit of money on a vehicle you want to safeguard this investment just in case something happen to it. Insurance policies are instruments that allow you to pass the risks you have no control over to the companies willing to take them for a price.

So, you start thinking about additional covers on top of your liabilities. Actually many people increase their liabilities cover limits as well while they are at it. Policies are usually classified as liabilities only and comprehensive coverage by a few people. However, this may be confusing because Comprehensive Coverage is only one part of a what you can call a full coverage.

Full coverage usually include collision, comprehensive and uninsured motorist coverage. Depending on the provider it may include rental reimbursement cover as well. These policies are usually packaged with liabilities and offered at reasonable prices.

Comprehensive section within this cover include damages to your automobile due to theft, fire and other natural occurrences, except collision. These two cover are usually sold together and collision pays for damages following an traffic accidents. Both of these normally include a deductible amount which is the amount of money that will come out of your pocket.

It is fair to say that majority of owners prefer to arrange a full cover policy. The price difference may not be huge between a basic and full policy. If you are going to spend some money why not spend a little for a complete peace of mind. This view is well taken by most people. There are so many unknowns in our lives and it is nice to reduce their financial effects a bit.

When you get a loan or lease your auto you are likely to be required to have full coverage. This condition will be attached to your loan and lease agreement. furthermore, you may need to pay for a GAP insurance as well to be fully insured. Gap insurance pays for the difference between the open market value of your automobile and the outstanding loan. Open market value is the amount your insurer will pay you and this could be lower than the money you owe especially in the early years of your contract.

Uninsured motorists coverage is a pretty important components of your policy package as well. Many companies include this automatically and some states require companies to include it. When another motorists with no insurance hit your car he is unlikely to be able to pay for the damages they caused. And therefore you can demand compensation from your insurers thanks to this addition.

Try to get as much cover as you can without upsetting your budget. If an additional cover is not costing you a lot it may be wise to add it. If it does require a lot more premium, then you should think about its benefits and if it is worth it.

Ways Auto Insurers Use Police Reports For Claims

You would be surprised how much your auto insurance company is going to fight for you in cases of claims. Actually fighting on behalf of you is also same as working for themselves because they are the ones who is going to pay at the end. This will manifest itself when you have a claim and it involves other drivers and insurers.

One key part of settling claims is to determine who is at fault in an accident. This is hugely important because it leads to determination of who is going to pay for it all. If you are at fault you insurer will have to pay for the damages to third parties up to the limit of your policy. And if a third party driver is at fault, your carrier can relax as a third party company is expected to pay for the losses.

General norm in claims settling these days is that small claims are paid pretty quickly. They are not worth the time companies may have to spend or pay for adjusters to deal with it. It costs money to deal with a claim. There are paperwork and somebody has to go and check the damages physically. Therefore, they may agree to send the check quickly if you can provide two reliable estimates for the repair of small damages.

claims adjustersFor a little large claim, some companies choose to send their own people to handle it. This will help the policyholder in dealing with the repairs and result in quick conclusion of payments. However, some companies may go too far in trying to save money and purely rely on police reports to determine the outcome. This may be problematic in several ways as police reports are not necessarily written to help carriers.

Some people may see these reports as absolute final word on the matters. This proved not to be the case in many occasions. When the companies carry out their own investigations they can shed a different light into the incident. If the other parties’ insurers are working hard to disprove that their client is not at fault you would want the same from your provider. When there is a total disagreement they may agree to place more weight on the report prepared by authorities.

They are great in providing the essential information about the incident location, time, parties involved, injuries suffered and people who are taken to hospital. Another thing police can do when they are on the scene is to determine if either parties broke the traffic rules that caused the accident. When they find that one of the drivers ignored the traffic laws this would be quite detrimental for that driver’s case.

Of course, police will have to try and find a hit and run driver and deal with other issues that may arise after the accident like drivers getting into fight. The way they look at accidents and the things they have to do is different form helping auto insurers in a way. Therefore, you may want your provider to appoint a claims adjuster the moment they know about the incident especially when the damages and injuries are serious.

Use of Gender and Background for Auto Insurance

One of the worst things a company can do is to discriminate their customers based on their background and gender. Even suspicion of discrimination can ruin the reputation of a company. Nonetheless, it is widely accepted that car insurers can use gender as one of the factors to determine risk and premiums charged. Further factors that look at the background and current financial status of the applicant is accepted as well. How could this be possible and why nobody says anything?

Technically, companies cannot refuse to offer policies to someone due to background, gender or age. These are considered discrimination. However, they can charge you more because of any of them and that seems to be fine. How could they justify their action and explain themselves?

Companies operate on a simple principle of risk. For whatever reason you appear to be more riskier than the other person they can charge you more money. In order to determine the risk they group drivers and look at accident statistics and try to find a relation between claims and age, gender and background of drivers involved in.

car insurance for ladiesTherefore, they can say that they are charging more to male drivers because they are the ones that are causing most of the accidents, not female drivers. Based on this logic alone it appears that ladies deserve lower rates and they get them in most cases. Sometimes these figures can really be strong. In the case of accident figures, about 95% of all fatal accidents are caused by male drivers. When you put it like this you feel justified if companies hammer male drivers with high premiums.

Another good example is the background. Many companies offer special discounts based on applicants background. For example, certain professions get as much as 15% discounts from some companies. Furthermore, home ownership, living in a nice part of the town and even education levels can be used to offer discounts to certain groups while people outside this group is getting charged more.

Looking at credit history of the motorists is widely used factor for premium calculations as well. Again this past through many state authorities and accepted as a legitimate determinant. Companies are allowed to pull credit score of applicants from credit agencies and use it in their risk analysis. They use different formulas than the ones used by lending institutions. It is not considered as a credit pull and doesn’t affect your score.

Overall affects of all these considerations would mean that a well educated female driver who lives in a nice neighborhood will be charged much less than the male driver from blue color background. In the same way, a well off person with perfect credit score would be paying a lot less than someone who has been struggling with his/her bills.

At least, you could make the competition work for you. A motorists who shops for the best vehicle insurance deals can save a lot more money than the one who is with the same company for years. Next time you need a policy you should remember this and get a few quotes before think about loyalty and staying with the current provider.

Getting a Job in the Insurance Industry

Are you looking to get into the insurance industry? There are various positions like agent, adjuster, underwriter and they are quite challenging posts. Also there are fair bit of competition especially in post with small companies. Do you have your license ready and looking to put in use?

Some companies may be willing to help you in the process of getting your license. But quite a few of them would want to see it in place before they can consider your application. Therefore, it may be a better idea to concentrate on getting it first to increase your reach.

Finding a new job is as hard work as working full time. So, you should know where to look and how to contact employers. You may need to speed up the process and spread your CV to as many positions as you can reach. Trying to get one or two open positions may be to risky and you may miss on those opportunities for many reasons out of your control.

insurance positions

You may start with visiting the firms near you and drop into the office. Showing your face can be beneficial in some cases. You should leave your details in case a position may be open at a later stage or last minute. You should make it clear what you are prepared or not. For example, are you going to accept a lesser or less paid job to get on the ladder or hold out until you find your perfect post? Depending on your experience and skills a junior position may be acceptable and it may not actually take long before you progress.

You can also ask people who inspired you to seek a career in this field or you meet during your education. They might know companies looking for new employees. They can also point you in the right direction, tell you where to look and how to check.

Next step is to contact recruitment agencies specialized for the industry. They can look at your details and offer you to possible recruiters. Good thing about the way they operate is that you can submit one CV and it will be presented to anyone who is looking for new staff. Also, you can check their websites and find positions to present your application. They work just like search engines and you can find the position you are looking for by entering a keyword.

You can also search directly in the engines for any openings by entering the relevant terms like “agency vacancies” or “underwriter”. There are a few sites that allow you search for jobs like and They will return a few positions to consider and apply.  Another alternative is to check Career Center in your local council. They may have jobs advertised on their boards.

It is an idea to look for alternative jobs in the meantime to earn a living. If you get your foot through the door it may be easier to transfer at a later stage. For example, companies may not have a sales position at the moment but they may have a position in the accounting department. If you feel comfortable with it you may want to take it and keep looking for other openings.

Don’t Drive without Automobile Insurance

Authorities are now using advanced technology to find out which cars have insurance and which are not. Your insurance records are registered with DMV and if you cancel your policy or it is cancelled they will know about it. Companies are obliged to inform DMV when a policy is not in force any more.

If you are taking your automobile off the road you should contact and let them know. Otherwise, they may start chasing your with notices that will shortly be followed by fines. Any vehicle that is left or driven on public roads need to be insured. If you aim to keep your vehicle off the road then you can do away with your policy.

Depending on where you live you will have different level of penalties for driving without insurance. You will be in real trouble if you cause an accident while you are not insured. You may even end up in jail. there is a high chance your vehicle may be taken away from you until you come back with a valid policy. You may have to pay for storage charges for every day that is kept. So, you will need to hurry.

damages to your auto

Facing Liability Claims on Your Own

More serious problem is the possibility of facing liabilities claims on your own. If you don’t have insurance to cover for the damages and injuries you caused you will have to pay for them out of your pocket. Since you can never know how big these losses may be you will be taking a huge risk by driving without coverage. Even you don’t have enough money to pay them, you may be required to make payments out of your salary every month.

Covering Your Own Damages

Then there is the damages to your own automobile. If you have a fairly valuable car and no spare money to buy another one you will be losing your investment and stranded without transport. Most people can handle monthly premium payments but they cannot handle a sudden loss of their vehicle. This is something to think about carefully. You never know what happens once you are on the road.

While you are trying to save  little money you may put yourself in real trouble. You need to think carefully if it is worth it and if you really have to drive. Another option is obviously not to drive while you don’t have coverage.

Low Cost Auto Insurance

Depending on where you live your state may offer low cost policies to help lower income drivers buy coverage. There are a few states that are running these schemes. For example, in California motorists are able to find policies for around $400. These are reduced liabilities policies that are specially designed to get more people insured.

You should look at your options, shop around hard to find the lowest premiums on offer. Giving up without trying hard is not a good option as explained above. Insurance protects policyholders in many ways. It would be great if you could find a way to pay the regular premiums and be on the safe side.